A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.

Elaine MacDonald

Wherever you are, you are not stuck.

With the support of a coach, you can grow to create the life you want. Whether you are trying to overcome difficult personal circumstances, or you are trying to level up holistically in the next season of your life, anything is possible with a little help from your own personal challenger and cheerleader.

Our Founder and resident coach, Nikki Adebiyi, can support you to shift from surviving to thriving through hour-long sessions tailored to your unique story and needs. Bringing her own lived experience as well as her coaching training, some examples of areas Nikki can help you with include:

  • Rebuilding self-confidence and motivation
  • Regaining control of your life from the inside-out
  • Accountability with your personal and professional goals
  • Compassionately exploring procrastination and avoidance
  • Overcoming challenges with time and energy management
  • Managing your moods and your personal brand or digital presence
  • …and more!

One-to-one CV & Cover Letter support (One-off session)

Get feedback on your CV/resumé, cover letter or personal statement essay (max. 2 A4 pages) with our FREE 20-minute session.

One-to-one coaching
(Pay per session)

Get support with your personal and professional goals at your own pace with pay as you go sessions.

One-to-one coaching
(6 sessions)

Throw yourself in to your healing and hustling journey with our block package of six sessions.

“The energy was inviting”
“That was what I needed”
“You created a safe space”
“The clarity came through the session”
“I started saying positive things about myself”

Feedback from coachees

Please note:
While techniques can sometimes overlap, coaching is not therapy. Therapy is about helping you process your past to understand your present, whereas coaching aims to help you overcome present obstacles to help you CREATE A BETTER FUTURE. If you are looking for a mental health therapist, please check out our blog post on how to find the right therapist for you.

Let’s Bounce Black together.