WE WHO BOUNCE BLACK commit to being and becoming our whole selves. 

We own our whole stories, and do not shy away from the things that have shaped us.

We are not defined by our struggles, but we find a way to make them work for our good.

We heal out loud where appropriate, and free others by letting them in to let them out.

WE WHO BOUNCE BLACK reject Black elitism, egoism and gatekeeping. 

We recognise our gifts and skills as blessings meant to be shared, and we strive to meet needs where we have the capacity and resource to. 

We champion a conception of Black Excellence that celebrates small wins alongside bigger achievements defined by our individual visions of success.

We root for everybody Black by meeting them where they are at.

WE WHO BOUNCE BLACK uphold our healing as part of our legacy.

We believe in building more than just material wealth for our families and communities, we work also to hand down healthier, holistic patterns of being.

We recognise ourselves as beneficiaries of those who broke chains so we could be free, and we do the work to break cycles so those to come can know peace.

We honour those who paved the way for us to walk in purpose, on purpose, and we acknowledge that we are the next ancestors, and order our lives accordingly.

WE WHO BOUNCE BLACK accept our position as lifelong learners.

We understand that our mission to break cycles and ceilings is not a sprint or a race, but a marathon we run together.

We hold ourselves accountable with gentleness when we fall short of our principles, and we forgive ourselves and others as necessary.

We befriend failure and try to take our losses with grace, knowing that as many times as we fall, we can always bounce black.

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