Bounce Black is a community built for and by people navigating mental health while building careers.

Nikki Adebiyi (Founder)

Nikki is Founder of Bounce Black, as well as a certified trauma-informed life coach, writer and speaker. She is also an advisor to the Emerging Minds Network, an ambassador for the 70/30 Campaign, and she has previously worked in policy and tech-for-good. Formal razzle dazzle aside, Nikki enjoys listening to people’s stories of triumph over adversity, and her love languages are GIFs, memes and This Is Us quotes.


Dr. Vicky

Dr. Vicky is a junior doctor who knows the challenges of balancing self care and medic life. As medical consultant for Bounce Black, Dr. Vicky ensures our content is accurate and scientifically informed. Outside of work, she enjoys quality time with friends and family, athletics, anime and memes.


Mapalo brings 7 years of experience working with young people and young adults. Currently she works as a mental health counsellor for people with anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses. She’s also working towards more qualifications in both theology and counselling, hoping to continue focusing on childhood development and holistic healing (mind, body & soul) in the therapy room. In her spare time, Mapalo enjoys listening to podcasts, learning languages, boxing and eating ramen noodles.


Chinedu works within drugs and alcohol services that provide medical and psychosocial interventions for people misusing substances. He’s also studying to qualify as a therapeutic counsellor, so he brings all that insight to what we do at Bounce Black. Work and studies aside, Chinedu enjoys nerding it out by reading books and watching YouTube videos about comics.



Michelle is an Economics undergraduate student. As an independent student, she is very passionate about changing the narrative around trauma and mental health among university students. Outside of her studies, she is an actress and loves all things Performing Arts.